“Home is where the Coast Guard sends us….” sign how to


What you’ll need:

Wood for project ( I needed 1 6″ x 24″ and 5 4″ x 24″ pieces for this project)

Paint ( I use a satin nutmeg kinda color brown for base, and 3 different satin spray paints for the top coats. I used Indigo Streamer,    Royal Garnet, and Hunters White by Valspar @ Lowes)

Candle Wax ( I used a little scentsy warmer cube)

Acrylic Paint for stencils and lettering ( I used Folk Art Apple Red, Wicker White, and Metallic Antique Gold)

Stencils ( I used some little wooden stars I picked up at Wal-Mart and I drew an anchor)

Microsoft Word Process0r

Itsy bitsy paintbrush and a slightly bigger one ( I use a small brush that has a flat head that is angled)


Ball Point Pen

Steel Wool

Hardware ( I used small screw eyes and “s” hooks)



Step 1: Paint all your wood slats with your base “brown” color. Make sure you get all sides. Allow to dry for about an hour or until no longer tacky.



Step 2: take your candle wax and rub all four sides of your wood slats and run some random lines on the front of the slat where your stencils and words will be. When done just brush a washcloth over it to remove excess candle wax.



Step 3: Take this party outside….Determine your pattern. On this sign I had one main sign and 5 stations, so I needed 2 blue, 2 red, and 2 white slats. I spray painted accordingly and let them dry overnight.



Step 4: Bring the party back in….Using whatever stencils you want ( I used stars and anchors) lay them where you want them on your slats trace around them and then using your larger than itsy bitsy paint brush fill them in with the acrylic paint of your choice! I usually put 3 coats of acrylic paint on my stenciled areas. Allow to dry for about 15 min. between applications.


Step 5: Computer Time! I use Microsoft word processor for the fonts on my signs. For my large sign I use Century @ 200 for “Home” and “Coast Guard” and the Segoe Script @ 55 for “is where the” and “sends us…” and I like to use that also if you decide to put ” Est. in (whenever he/she joined).” For the stations I use Century @150. Print all these lovelies out. You need to go in order so it doesn’t become a mess and if I have a really long station I do a test to make sure it’s going to fit on the slat. Cut everything out. There is no science to lining them up, just try and making them as centered as possible on your slats.

Step 6: Once everything is where you want them tape them down. Take your ball point pen and outline the words, this will create an indention in the wood.



Step 7: Remove your taped paper. With your itsy bitsy paint brush use acrylic paint of your choice to carefully and steadily paint between the lines. I like to paint from right to left as not to smear the paint. Allow to dry for about an hour. If you make a boo boo and the paint hasn’t dried take a wet rag and wipe it the paint should come off.


Step 8: Once everything is good and dry take your steel wool and begin to rub your signs this will remove the paint that is over the candle wax creating the distressed look.

Step 9: Applying your hardware. Each piece except the bottom piece is going to require 4 small screw eyes. I measure 3.5″ in on each side and place a screw eye you can pre drill or do what I do and hold it on that spot and whack it with the hammer until the point is good and in there, then take the end of your paint brush stick it through the hole and turn until it’s in the wood all the way! Repeat until you have 2 on top and 2 on the bottom except for the last sign you just want 2 on top.


Step 10: Finishing touches…..I use line to make a hanger for the top sign and the rest are attached to one another with “s” hooks. I also like to add a little bow!





~ by chicmadecheap on 08/31/2012.

One Response to ““Home is where the Coast Guard sends us….” sign how to”

  1. Thank for being so creative and providing us with you directions to complete the “where the CG” sends you signs.

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