Loopy Stitch Purse (crochet)


What you’ll need:

2 skeins Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Size “I” crochet hook

Embroidery Needle

Clothe Tape Measure

Satin Ribbon


ch = chain    sc = single crochet    sk = skip    sl st = slip stitch    sp = space     lp st = loop stitch     st = stitch

Purse Body:

Row 1: ch 75, join with sl st making sure not to twist. Lp st in each ch all the way around. We’ll be working in continuous rounds so keep going round and round with your lp st until your work reaches 8″-8.5″ in height. Once you’ve reached the desired height turn work right side in and fold flat with your working yarn to the left or right corner of the work. Sc all the way across through both sides of your work, closing the bottom of  your work. Flip right side out.


Row 1: Attach your second color using a sl st in one of your st spaces ( I like to start in the corners of the work) sc all the way around.

Row 2: Sc all the way around.

Row 3: Sc in the first st, ch 2, sc in the 3rd st from your first sc, repeat this step all the way around. ( this makes the space for your ribbon to be weaved in and out)

Row 4: Sc in every sc space and 2 sc in every ch 2 space all the way around. Count your sc as you go you’ll need this number for the next row.

Row 5: Take the # of st from the previous row divide it by 2 minus 10 from that number and divide that number by 2 as well. Take that final number and sc in that number of st then ch 10. Sk the next 10 st from your last sc and then sc in that 10th sk’d st. Sc in the last half, that is the beginning of one of your handles. Repeat this on the other side.

(ex: 74st/2 = 37     37st-10=27   27st/2= 13.5 so then I’ll go in the 13 st ch 10 and then join and st the following 13st’s)

Row 6: Sc all the way around until you reach your ch 10 sp in that sp sc 14x’s then continue sc in your previous sc sp’s repeat this all the way around.

Row 7: Sc in all st sp’s once you reach the end sk 1 st and sl st to end ch 1 and tie off.

Finishing touch: Take your satin ribbon and weave it through your spaces created earlier and tie a pretty bow. Use a lighter to heat seal your ribbon ends so they don’t fray.

Finished product measures about 15″ wide and 11″ in height.

You can also add a lining, but my sewing machine is down and out so I didn’t.  The stitches are tight enough you don’t really need to.


~ by chicmadecheap on 10/29/2011.

2 Responses to “Loopy Stitch Purse (crochet)”

  1. How do you make the loop stitch? Pattern is really cute.

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