TuTu’s Please!

Let’s start with what you’ll need:

7/8″ to 1.5″ ribbon

5 yards tulle (minimum, if you are making a newborn size start with 5 for each size up add an additional yard. Also when you go to the fabric store ask them to cut the tulle one yard at a time it’ll save you time in the long run.)


clothe tape measure


Sizing Chart:

newborn 12m 10-13″

6-12m 14-16″

12-24m 16-18″

2-3 t 18-20″

4-5t 20-22″

6-7 22-24″

8-10 24-25″

10-12 25″ or more

For anything above these sizes requires custom measurements.

To begin, locate your child’s size on the chart. Once you have the measurements of your child take your ribbon go about 30″ from the beginning of your ribbon, make a mark with pencil. From that mark measure your child’s waist size out and mark the end of that measurement with a pencil, from that mark measure an additional 30″ and cut. If you’d like, you can make an angle cut at each end of your ribbon. Take your lighter and heat seal your ribbon ends so they don’t fray. Go to the beginning and end marks of your waist measurements and tie a knot. Set your ribbon aside.

Now lay your tulle out on the ground flat. Rub out all the wrinkles. Now begin to fold your tulle width wise until it’s all folded. Then take your tape measure and cut your folded tulle in 3″ sections and set tem aside until it’s all cut.

Once all your tulle is cut, open your cut sections up and fold them in half. Take your ribbon and lay it out on your work surface. Starting at the inside of your waist knot take your folded tulle and put the top part of the fold under the ribbon and pull the open end of your tulle through the closed end of your tulle over your ribbon. Now your ribbon should be tied into your tulle. Repeat this step all the way to the end knot in your ribbon making sure the keep your tulle tight together so your tutu is fluffy and full. (If you are using multiple colors, I recommended doing 5 of the same color in a row and then going to a different color and repeat this step until you’ve reached the end knot.)

Once you’ve reached your end knot tie your remaining ribbon in a bow and wah-lah you have a no-sew tutu. Hang it up and see if you have any pieces of tulle that need trimming to make the tutu even.  If you want a shorter tutu you can trim the entire tutu to the length of your liking.

I like to add a matching bow to everything! =) ~kelly


~ by chicmadecheap on 06/10/2011.

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