Ribbon and Pearl Necklace

What you’ll need:

3/8th in ribbon in the color of your choice ($1)

Glass Pearls in a color of your choice ($2.50)

Thread in complimenting color to your ribbon ($1)



Clothe tape measure

To begin measure 16in from the beginning of your ribbon and mark it with a pencil (if you’re using black or brown ribbon use a white pencil so that you can see your mark). From that first mark go down every 12mm (3/4″) and mark 28 spots. Once all your marks are done insert your needle and thread through the first mark place a pearl on your needle and pull down until it’s resting on your ribbon then put your needle and thread through your next mark. Continue to do these steps and it’s going to make an up and down weaving pattern. When you reach your last mark tighten your thread to make sure your pattern is tight and tie off your thread with a double knot and trim your extra thread off. Measure 16in from the last pearl and cut your ribbon. At each end of your pearls tie a knot in your ribbon. If you’d like you can make a little bow with leftover ribbon to accessorize. Take your lighter and gently singe the ends of your ribbon so they don’t fray. Have fun creating! ~kelly


~ by chicmadecheap on 05/04/2011.

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