Beach Tote Time!

Summer is coming and if you’re in the south like me, it’s coming sooner rather than later! I’m gonna show you how to make a beach tote for free! Here’s what you’ll need:

Old T-shirt


Needle & Thread/Yarn

Step 1: Lay your t-shirt out flat (no need to iron). Cut the sleeves off just a little past the seam and set them aside. Then remove the collar making a square or rounded cut.

Step 2: Go to the bottom hem of the shirt and cut slits through both sides of the shirt. The more slits the smaller the hole will be at the bottom of the tote. I made 4 slits on my hem.

Step 3: Take one of the sleeves you set aside and cut it into one long piece by cutting it at the pit seam all the way across. Then cut strip of t-shirt off of it one per slit you cut in the hem.

 Step 4: Take your thread or yarn and tie it around one end of you t-shirt strip and thread your thread or yarn through your needle, this is how you are going to go through your slits in the hem. Using your needle to pull the t-shirt strip through the hem.

Once you’ve pulled it through and you have your strip hanging out on each side of your slit (front and back of shirt) synch it together like you are tieing a hoodie and tie a knot and repeat this step for each slit you made earlier.

This is what the bottom should look like when your done.

Once you’ve tied all your knots you can start filling your tote up with all your beaching accessories! Don’t forget the sunblock or if your like me tanning oil! ~kelly


~ by chicmadecheap on 03/30/2011.

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