How to Create Anthropologie Style on a Dime Store Budget…..

Okay so I found this lovely Anthropologie Bird Bath Stacked Bowl for $298.00 and I thought to myself what is wrong with these people?! This thing has foe bird poo and all.

I then set out on a mission, to recreate this Stacked Bowl bird bath for as inexpensive as possible. My search started at the local Dollar Tree where I found 4 ceramic bowls, 6 ceramic birds, and super glue. After collecting these lovelies I went over to K-mart where I picked up 1 can of white gloss spray paint.

Once I got ready to start this project I went into my husbands tool bag and borrowed his wood chisel and hammer and dismantled the birdies from their stands.

After the masquers I took the bowls and birds out front and sprayed them with primer that I had stored away. Let that sit and set for a couple of hours……

After the primer dried I took the super glue and began to stack them, after the glue had set I took my hot glue gun and ran beads randomly on the bowls to make my foe poo. Once the “poo” was dry I put my first coat of white paint on the bowls and birds.

So after my first coat of white dried I began to put my birdies on. Using my trusty hot glue gun I attached the birds to the bowls as similar to the Antropologie version as possible. After that I just let it all dry overnight in a safe place.  The next morning I went to check on my creation and all my birds had fallen off… once trusty hot glue was no longer trust worthy! I had to find a solution so I went back to K-mart and got E-6000 glue commonly used on glass. That did the trick. That needs a good 24 hours to set.

Once the 2-3rd coat of white gloss spray paint dried I brought it back in and painted the beaks of the birds with acrylic gold paint with a small brush. After the gold paint dried I was done!

This is my finished product!

If you’d like to recreate this Bird Bath as well here’s what you’ll need:

4 Ceramic Bowls

6 Birds

Wood Chisel/Flat Head Screwdriver


Spray Paint Primer

Super Glue

White Gloss Spray Paint

Hot Glue Gun

E-6000 Glue

Gold Acrylic Paint

Small Brush

My inspiration piece cost $298.00, I personally spent $18.00 and if you have none or some of these items at home it shouldn’t cost more than $25.oo to accomplish this project. Have Fun! ~kelly


~ by chicmadecheap on 03/25/2011.

One Response to “How to Create Anthropologie Style on a Dime Store Budget…..”

  1. Looks just the same as the original! Great job. I always love to see DIY projects that replicate store bought items for a fraction of the cost!

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