Rolled Book Paper Wreath

 I have seen these all over I’ve even seen people offering tutorials for $20 (outrageous!) So I’ve decided to give a free tutorial.

What you’ll need:

An old book right off your bookshelve, the older the better.

Tacky Glue/ Elmer’s Paper Glue

Card Board

Hot Glue Gun

2 ” of ribbon

Step 1: Take a page ripped out of your book of choice making sure the ripped edge is at the interior point and begin to roll it up like you are making a waffle cone. Once you get to the end before applying tacky glue make sure your cone at the top is nice and even and has a nice centered point to it. Once your cone looks good apply the glue to the inside/outside corner and roll over. You may need to hold it there for about 60 sec just to make sure it’s stuck!

Step 2: As I made my cones I laid them on the ground to make sure I made enough cones.  Once I was done and my circle was complete I cut a a circle out of cardboard I had lying around.

Step 3: Place the circle on the ground and do a dry fit with your cones all the way around. Make sure that your cones align evenly on the outer ring (the inside is not going to be all the same no matter how hard you try). Once the dry fit is complete choose a starting point take a pencil and mark right at the tip of that starting tip. Gently push the others away making sure not to rearrange their order. Take one cone at a time beginning with the one you marked and put a dap of hot glue one the back point of the cone and apply to your circle. Go all the way around making sure to go in the order you had them arranged in the dry fit.  Always check for the outer points of the cone to align.

Step 4: This is what your wreath should look like when it’s all glued on. Notice the center is not beautiful, but that’s okay we’re gonna make something to make it more attractive. You could do a number of things, I choose to make a heart. So I used some cardstock to make a template for a heart. Once I made my template I put it over the center just to make sure it was large enough. Since it was big enough I took an additional piece of card board traced my template on to it and cut it out. Now I had my heart base, but regular old cardboard is too ugly all alone so I cut out an additional heart from a piece of paper from my book and glued it onto the cardboard. Once it was attached I decided to paint the heart with some gold acrylic paint I had lying around.

Step 5: Once the paint was dry I flipped the heart over put 3 daps of hot glue on the heart where it would actually be touching the cones and gently pressed it into place.

Step 6: Once everything is dry and secure gently flip your wreath over and get your ribbon to make what you’ll use to hang this bad boy on the wall. Fold it into a pointy shape like in the picture. Remember you have a lovely heart on the front and you don’t want that to be lopsided, so take your index finger on the front and try and make a reference point as to where your ribbon should be. Once you’ve got it all aligned, lay your ribbon where you want it. Attach your ribbon with hot glue putting a dab on the left, right, and center of your point.

Cogratulations your done…..Now go hang it somewhere! ~kelly


~ by chicmadecheap on 03/24/2011.

2 Responses to “Rolled Book Paper Wreath”

  1. How do you do all of this

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