“Home is where the Coast Guard sends us….” sign how to

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What you’ll need:

Wood for project ( I needed 1 6″ x 24″ and 5 4″ x 24″ pieces for this project)

Paint ( I use a satin nutmeg kinda color brown for base, and 3 different satin spray paints for the top coats. I used Indigo Streamer,    Royal Garnet, and Hunters White by Valspar @ Lowes)

Candle Wax ( I used a little scentsy warmer cube)

Acrylic Paint for stencils and lettering ( I used Folk Art Apple Red, Wicker White, and Metallic Antique Gold)

Stencils ( I used some little wooden stars I picked up at Wal-Mart and I drew an anchor)

Microsoft Word Process0r

Itsy bitsy paintbrush and a slightly bigger one ( I use a small brush that has a flat head that is angled)


Ball Point Pen

Steel Wool

Hardware ( I used small screw eyes and “s” hooks)



Step 1: Paint all your wood slats with your base “brown” color. Make sure you get all sides. Allow to dry for about an hour or until no longer tacky.



Step 2: take your candle wax and rub all four sides of your wood slats and run some random lines on the front of the slat where your stencils and words will be. When done just brush a washcloth over it to remove excess candle wax.



Step 3: Take this party outside….Determine your pattern. On this sign I had one main sign and 5 stations, so I needed 2 blue, 2 red, and 2 white slats. I spray painted accordingly and let them dry overnight.



Step 4: Bring the party back in….Using whatever stencils you want ( I used stars and anchors) lay them where you want them on your slats trace around them and then using your larger than itsy bitsy paint brush fill them in with the acrylic paint of your choice! I usually put 3 coats of acrylic paint on my stenciled areas. Allow to dry for about 15 min. between applications.


Step 5: Computer Time! I use Microsoft word processor for the fonts on my signs. For my large sign I use Century @ 200 for “Home” and “Coast Guard” and the Segoe Script @ 55 for “is where the” and “sends us…” and I like to use that also if you decide to put ” Est. in (whenever he/she joined).” For the stations I use Century @150. Print all these lovelies out. You need to go in order so it doesn’t become a mess and if I have a really long station I do a test to make sure it’s going to fit on the slat. Cut everything out. There is no science to lining them up, just try and making them as centered as possible on your slats.

Step 6: Once everything is where you want them tape them down. Take your ball point pen and outline the words, this will create an indention in the wood.



Step 7: Remove your taped paper. With your itsy bitsy paint brush use acrylic paint of your choice to carefully and steadily paint between the lines. I like to paint from right to left as not to smear the paint. Allow to dry for about an hour. If you make a boo boo and the paint hasn’t dried take a wet rag and wipe it the paint should come off.


Step 8: Once everything is good and dry take your steel wool and begin to rub your signs this will remove the paint that is over the candle wax creating the distressed look.

Step 9: Applying your hardware. Each piece except the bottom piece is going to require 4 small screw eyes. I measure 3.5″ in on each side and place a screw eye you can pre drill or do what I do and hold it on that spot and whack it with the hammer until the point is good and in there, then take the end of your paint brush stick it through the hole and turn until it’s in the wood all the way! Repeat until you have 2 on top and 2 on the bottom except for the last sign you just want 2 on top.


Step 10: Finishing touches…..I use line to make a hanger for the top sign and the rest are attached to one another with “s” hooks. I also like to add a little bow!





Loopy Stitch Purse (crochet)

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What you’ll need:

2 skeins Red Heart Super Saver Yarn

Size “I” crochet hook

Embroidery Needle

Clothe Tape Measure

Satin Ribbon


ch = chain    sc = single crochet    sk = skip    sl st = slip stitch    sp = space     lp st = loop stitch     st = stitch

Purse Body:

Row 1: ch 75, join with sl st making sure not to twist. Lp st in each ch all the way around. We’ll be working in continuous rounds so keep going round and round with your lp st until your work reaches 8″-8.5″ in height. Once you’ve reached the desired height turn work right side in and fold flat with your working yarn to the left or right corner of the work. Sc all the way across through both sides of your work, closing the bottom of  your work. Flip right side out.


Row 1: Attach your second color using a sl st in one of your st spaces ( I like to start in the corners of the work) sc all the way around.

Row 2: Sc all the way around.

Row 3: Sc in the first st, ch 2, sc in the 3rd st from your first sc, repeat this step all the way around. ( this makes the space for your ribbon to be weaved in and out)

Row 4: Sc in every sc space and 2 sc in every ch 2 space all the way around. Count your sc as you go you’ll need this number for the next row.

Row 5: Take the # of st from the previous row divide it by 2 minus 10 from that number and divide that number by 2 as well. Take that final number and sc in that number of st then ch 10. Sk the next 10 st from your last sc and then sc in that 10th sk’d st. Sc in the last half, that is the beginning of one of your handles. Repeat this on the other side.

(ex: 74st/2 = 37     37st-10=27   27st/2= 13.5 so then I’ll go in the 13 st ch 10 and then join and st the following 13st’s)

Row 6: Sc all the way around until you reach your ch 10 sp in that sp sc 14x’s then continue sc in your previous sc sp’s repeat this all the way around.

Row 7: Sc in all st sp’s once you reach the end sk 1 st and sl st to end ch 1 and tie off.

Finishing touch: Take your satin ribbon and weave it through your spaces created earlier and tie a pretty bow. Use a lighter to heat seal your ribbon ends so they don’t fray.

Finished product measures about 15″ wide and 11″ in height.

You can also add a lining, but my sewing machine is down and out so I didn’t.  The stitches are tight enough you don’t really need to.

TuTu’s Please!

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Let’s start with what you’ll need:

7/8″ to 1.5″ ribbon

5 yards tulle (minimum, if you are making a newborn size start with 5 for each size up add an additional yard. Also when you go to the fabric store ask them to cut the tulle one yard at a time it’ll save you time in the long run.)


clothe tape measure


Sizing Chart:

newborn 12m 10-13″

6-12m 14-16″

12-24m 16-18″

2-3 t 18-20″

4-5t 20-22″

6-7 22-24″

8-10 24-25″

10-12 25″ or more

For anything above these sizes requires custom measurements.

To begin, locate your child’s size on the chart. Once you have the measurements of your child take your ribbon go about 30″ from the beginning of your ribbon, make a mark with pencil. From that mark measure your child’s waist size out and mark the end of that measurement with a pencil, from that mark measure an additional 30″ and cut. If you’d like, you can make an angle cut at each end of your ribbon. Take your lighter and heat seal your ribbon ends so they don’t fray. Go to the beginning and end marks of your waist measurements and tie a knot. Set your ribbon aside.

Now lay your tulle out on the ground flat. Rub out all the wrinkles. Now begin to fold your tulle width wise until it’s all folded. Then take your tape measure and cut your folded tulle in 3″ sections and set tem aside until it’s all cut.

Once all your tulle is cut, open your cut sections up and fold them in half. Take your ribbon and lay it out on your work surface. Starting at the inside of your waist knot take your folded tulle and put the top part of the fold under the ribbon and pull the open end of your tulle through the closed end of your tulle over your ribbon. Now your ribbon should be tied into your tulle. Repeat this step all the way to the end knot in your ribbon making sure the keep your tulle tight together so your tutu is fluffy and full. (If you are using multiple colors, I recommended doing 5 of the same color in a row and then going to a different color and repeat this step until you’ve reached the end knot.)

Once you’ve reached your end knot tie your remaining ribbon in a bow and wah-lah you have a no-sew tutu. Hang it up and see if you have any pieces of tulle that need trimming to make the tutu even.  If you want a shorter tutu you can trim the entire tutu to the length of your liking.

I like to add a matching bow to everything! =) ~kelly

Felt & Fabric Owl

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I love these super cute owls!  Of course I want you all to love them too, so I’m going to show you a simple way to make yourself one, two or twenty.

What you’ll need:






Polyester Filling

Step 1: Lay your felt and fabric on top of one another, smoothing out all the wrinkles with your hands. Once they are smoothed on top of one another pin the outline of the two together.

Step 2: Determine the shape you’d like to use as your owl’s body, draw it on a piece of paper, cut it out and pin it to your fabric. Once it’s pinned cut around your shape. You should now have one piece of fabric and one piece of felt cut out.

Step 3: Now you can start figuring out what shape eyes you want to use and the nose/beek. I decided to use white felt for the base of the eyes, black for the center and a tan felt for the beek. I pinned the eyes on to the fabric and stitched the circumference with white crafting thread (thicker than normal thread). Did the same for the beek with brown crafting thread.  If you want to make kissing owls, before you sew the beek on attach a magnet where the nose is going to be and sew the beek on over it.

Step 4: Once you have attached the eyes and beek turn your owl face over and align your fabric and felt back together. Once you’ve aligned it pin the felt and fabric back together and begin to sew them together. Stitch all the way around leaving a small opening at the bottom so that you can turn it right side out and stuff it with your filling.

Step 5: Reach through your hole in the bottom of your owl and gently pull you owl right side out. You may need to use a pencil to poke the ears all the way out. Once your owl is right side out you can start stuffing, be sure to get filling up in the ears using a pencil or your finger to push it up there. When your Owl is stuffed, pin the hole in the bottom up so that you can stitch it shut.

Step 6: Take your brown needle and thread and stitch the bottom shut. Wah Lah!

Rag Wreath

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It was time to take the spring wreath down and get a summer wreath up, but I didn’t have a summer wreath yet =(. There was only one thing to do, go look through the craft section at Wal-Mart and see what I could come up with…..and there it was these beautiful colonial style patriotic fabrics. I had to have them so what better than a rag wreath.

What you’ll need:

2-3 yards of different style/pattern fabrics (for this one I bought 5 different 1/2 yard pieces)

Wreath form


Step 1: Lay your fabric out and cut about 1 in strips width wide until it is all in strips. Keep the fabrics in separate piles according to their pattern.

Step 2: Once all your strips are cut, decide on a pattern with your fabrics and begin to tie your fabric around your wreath form, double knotting the knots. Make sure your fabric is really close so that you can’t see the wreath. Continue to tie the fabric all the way around the wreath until the whole thing is covered.

This is what the back of your wreath will look like.

This is my finish product, hope you can find time to make yourself a rag wreath too! ~kelly

Ribbon and Pearl Necklace

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What you’ll need:

3/8th in ribbon in the color of your choice ($1)

Glass Pearls in a color of your choice ($2.50)

Thread in complimenting color to your ribbon ($1)



Clothe tape measure

To begin measure 16in from the beginning of your ribbon and mark it with a pencil (if you’re using black or brown ribbon use a white pencil so that you can see your mark). From that first mark go down every 12mm (3/4″) and mark 28 spots. Once all your marks are done insert your needle and thread through the first mark place a pearl on your needle and pull down until it’s resting on your ribbon then put your needle and thread through your next mark. Continue to do these steps and it’s going to make an up and down weaving pattern. When you reach your last mark tighten your thread to make sure your pattern is tight and tie off your thread with a double knot and trim your extra thread off. Measure 16in from the last pearl and cut your ribbon. At each end of your pearls tie a knot in your ribbon. If you’d like you can make a little bow with leftover ribbon to accessorize. Take your lighter and gently singe the ends of your ribbon so they don’t fray. Have fun creating! ~kelly

Beach Tote Time!

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Summer is coming and if you’re in the south like me, it’s coming sooner rather than later! I’m gonna show you how to make a beach tote for free! Here’s what you’ll need:

Old T-shirt


Needle & Thread/Yarn

Step 1: Lay your t-shirt out flat (no need to iron). Cut the sleeves off just a little past the seam and set them aside. Then remove the collar making a square or rounded cut.

Step 2: Go to the bottom hem of the shirt and cut slits through both sides of the shirt. The more slits the smaller the hole will be at the bottom of the tote. I made 4 slits on my hem.

Step 3: Take one of the sleeves you set aside and cut it into one long piece by cutting it at the pit seam all the way across. Then cut strip of t-shirt off of it one per slit you cut in the hem.

 Step 4: Take your thread or yarn and tie it around one end of you t-shirt strip and thread your thread or yarn through your needle, this is how you are going to go through your slits in the hem. Using your needle to pull the t-shirt strip through the hem.

Once you’ve pulled it through and you have your strip hanging out on each side of your slit (front and back of shirt) synch it together like you are tieing a hoodie and tie a knot and repeat this step for each slit you made earlier.

This is what the bottom should look like when your done.

Once you’ve tied all your knots you can start filling your tote up with all your beaching accessories! Don’t forget the sunblock or if your like me tanning oil! ~kelly